Why choose us? The answer is simple: we love our dogs. We take every step to make sure we raise healthy, happy dogs. Whether it’s through our socialization steps, or keeping all of our pups up-to-date with our vet checks, we guarantee healthy, friendly life-long companions! When these pups are born, they are part of our family until they become part of yours!

Why We Socialize

Studies have shown that socializing is very important to the well being of your puppy because it will provide him or her with the ability to develop skills to cope with new experiences in a positive way, while reducing their overall stress levels.

We begin this process shortly after the puppies are born by simply touching them and holding them for brief moments at a time. As the puppies get older (4 to 6 weeks old) we start becoming more intentional on how we interact with the pups. During this stage we take to them and begin to play with them, always being conscious not to have them away from their mother for too long. It’s also during this stage that we being to wean the puppies from their mother. This is a gradual process that takes a couple of weeks to complete. When the puppy is 6 weeks old we hope to have them fully weaned from their mother.

Once the puppies are completely weaned, we continue concentrating our efforts on preparing each puppy for the excitement of meeting their new family and the introduction to their new home. This stage normally takes place between weeks 8 and 12. Knowing that socialized puppies are often happier, friendlier, and able to handle stress better, we feel confident that your puppy will make the adjustment with relative ease. That said, no transition is without some stress which is why socialization should not end with puppyhood, but be understood that it is more of a lifetime journey. Remember, the personality of your puppy is going to be largely dependent on how he or she is raised in your home, but we promise to give them a good start!